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This Register has been approved by the Professional Standards Authority
for Health and Social Care in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2012

About the Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners

 The Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners is maintained by the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners and is accredited (assured, or approved) by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. The Authority is an independent organisation appointed by Parliament to oversee the work of the nine statutory medical regulators. The Authority also accredits the registers of non-statutory occupations that meet its exacting standards. The Professional Standards Authority provides assurance that registers are well run and require high standards of personal behaviour, technical competence and business practice.

Foot Health Practitioners from all training backgrounds can apply to be listed on this register, but they must meet the requirements of entry to the register.

 The Alliance has Podiatrist and Foot Health Practitioner members. Podiatrist members are HCPC registered. Foot Health Practitioners are listed on the Alliance-maintained Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners. Thus, all Alliance members are listed on a register overseen by the Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care, an arms-length body of the Dept. of Health that reports directly to Parliament.

 All Alliance practitioners are full members, because all practitioners have the same need of advice, development, protection and Continuing Professional Development.

Foot Health Practitioners from all training backgrounds can apply to be listed on this register, but they must meet the requirements of entry to the register.

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The Alliance is guided by the involvement of lay persons and members of the public in matters of discipline and instances where conflict of interest can be seen to arise.

You can read how the Alliance involves lay people and members of the public in its decision-making processes and how the public perspective is represented and taken into consideration......

 Our Policies

Practitioners listed on this register demonstrate their commitment to high standards of practice. Applicants must meet the standards of education and training for entry to the Accredited Register.

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The Alliance has kept a Register since 2004 to allow its Foot Health Practitioner members to demonstrate their intention to work to ethical standards.

This Register maintains a list of the Alliance’s Foot Health Practitioner members, and practitioners that are not Alliance members but choose and qualify by their training to be listed on the Accredited Register. A member of the public can check on this website that their practitioner is a member of the Accredited Register. The members list is annotated with details of any disciplinary issues both pending and current, so that an intending service user can make an informed choice when selecting a practitioner.

This is the logo of the Professional Standards Authority's Accredited Register scheme. It is a mark of quality


The Registrar will ensure that matters of discipline or alleged malpractice are properly notified on the published Register, and that the outcome of any subsequent investigation is also displayed for the information of the public and other service users. The Registrar will also monitor and ensure that any further training order, suspension of membership, striking-off or other sanction is observed and runs its intended course, and is notified to regulators and safeguarding agencies as appropriate in each case.

Registered practitioners possess skills that improve the quality of life and extend the mobility of their clients

The Purpose of the Organisation and the Register

The purpose of the Alliance is to promote private sector practice and support safe delivery of service to the public by accredited registration, education, and skill-enhancement. Alliance members are either registered with the Health Care Professions Council if they are Podiatrists, or they are listed upon the Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners.

The Alliance recognises that trained and qualified private sector practitioners posess knowledge and skills from which service users may benefit, and that they can effectively deliver those skills directly. The Alliance advocates and promotes best practice and continuous practitioner development as the most positive means of ensuring the safety and protection of service users, patients and clients.

The private sector has always delivered that which the public seeks. The Alliance intends that this shall always be available and safely delivered, whilst appropriately qualified practitioners shall be fully represented, protected, and gain benefit from their legitimate endeavour. The Alliance also recognises that the public sector alone cannot offer the scope and service level demanded by the population of the United Kingdom.

The Alliance is led by a team of Executive Directors, each of whom leads on their areas of expertise. Janet Hillam is the Managing Director and Registrar. Gilly Taylor-Munt is the Development and Compliance Director. John Falkner-Heylings is the Director of Education.

About Foot Health Practitioners

Foot Health Practitioners attend to all of the common conditions that affect the leg and foot, from routine care of nails, treatment of verrucae, corns, callus, right through to functional problems of the leg and foot.

Foot Health Practitioners deliver foot care wherever it is needed. They are trained to recognise foot and leg conditions, treat appropriately and refer when necessary. Many people need simple footcare to maintain mobility and quality of life. Being overweight or diabetic increases the need, and both of these conditions are rapidly increasing in prevalence in the population.

Working as independent practitioners in the private sector, Foot Health Practitioners deliver their skills in a wide range of settings. They work with other health care professionals wherever necessary for the well-being of their patients.

They may visit individual patients in their own homes, attend patients in Rest Homes and Nursing Homes, or visit industrial and commercial sites for the benefit of employees. Many Foot Health Practitioners establish their own surgery-based premises in order to provide a service to a local population.

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