The Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners

This site allows you to check that your Foot Health Practitioner is a member of this register.

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Members of the public can check on this website that a practitioner is registered. The members list is annotated with details of any disciplinary issues both pending and current, so that an intending service user can make an informed choice when selecting a practitioner.

The Registrar of the Accredited Register will ensure that matters of discipline or alleged malpractice are properly notified on the published Register, and that the outcome of any subsequent investigation is also displayed for the information of the public and other service users. The Registrar will also monitor and ensure that any further training orders, suspension of membership, striking-off or other sanction is observed and runs its intended course, and is notified to other regulators and safeguarding agencies, as is appropriate in each case.

 The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners keeps the Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners

The Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners can also be checked
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or by telephone: 01492 534333